I can confidently say I’m the most fortunate Ward Fellow this year. This is because this year I have the pleasure of interning at Congressman Kennedy District Office in Newton. The first time I saw Congressman Kennedy was On Wednesday July 9, it was my first day in the office. I was sitting down, the phones were dull and the CNN was blasting Trump in the background. When all of a sudden a tall man with bright red hair walks in and a glow of confidence like i’ve never seen before. He looks down at a sleep deprived high school intern smiles, shakes my hand and thanks me for the work I’m doing in the office.

Every since, I knew this guy is so cool. He truly is a national treasure, from his education at Stanford and obtaining an engineering degree, which is not easy whatsoever. To then dedicating his time in the Dominican Republic ,where he volunteered his time in the Peace Corps helping those in need. Afterwards, one of his close staff member revealed he hopped out of a plane and right away help aid his uncle’s campaign for senator at that time. He then goes back to school and attended Harvard Law where his professor was the one and only, Elizabeth Warren. He does well and in ‘13 becomes a congressman. He works hard for his constituents and the everyone he represents. There are three thing he holds to the highest of standard and that is to work hard in every single thing you do, have integrity in your work and to never forget what you stand for. I look forward to working with Congressman Kennedy this summer and seeing how he reaches new heights in the future.