District Attorney Daniel Conley has been in position since 2002, when most of us were mere toddlers. He has dedicated his entire career to prosecuting, once serving as the assistant to the previous District Attorney. Conley graduated from Stonehill college in 1980 and Suffolk University Law School in 1983. Beginning as a prosecutor of juvenile cases in the Boston Juvenile Court, Conley used his skills so well that he was promoted to prosecute felony cases in the Suffolk Superior Court. Following many other well-deserved promotions, Conley became the District Attorney of Suffolk County. Conley is especially respected in Boston where gang violence, drug trafficking, gun violence, and domestic violence have become major problems. Although losing the Mayoral election in 2013, Conley remained in his position at District Attorney, exactly where he needs to be. Not only does Conley focus on gun violence and such, he also helped create a Family Justice Center which focuses on protecting families, specifically children from all types of abuse. He tirelessly works to help all kinds of people, whether they are like him or not.

Due to his great work in his career, Conley was given recognition in many forms. He received the O’Riordan-Mundy Award in 1999 for his outstanding service to the citizens of Massachusetts that he has come across. Conley was named Suffolk Law School Irish-American Law Society’s Person of the Year in 2003 and also Lawyer of the Year by the Frank J. Murray In of Court in 2005. Along with these awards and more, Conley has earned the respect of Massachusetts citizens for his hard work and dedication.