Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz was born in 1978 to Franklin Chang-Díaz and Peggy Marguerite Doncaster. A Massachusetts native, she was raised in Newton before becoming a teacher in Lynn and then Boston. From an early age, Chang-Díaz was taught the importance of public service. She grew up with both of her parents being extremely active in their community; volunteering at different events around Newton. Her mother spent her career as a social worker, where she devoted herself to bettering the lives of those around her. Her father was the first Hispanic-American astronaut, and later became an active part in raising awareness around climate change.

With these ideals surrounding her as a child, it is no surprise that Chang-Díaz eventually pursued a role in government. In her first bid for State Senator, she was beaten by incumbent Senator Diane Wilkerson in 2006. Nonetheless, merely two years later, she ran again and won, becoming the first Latina to be elected to the Massachusetts State Senate. As a Senator, Sonia Chang-Díaz works tirelessly to ensure that her constituents are heard, and is often described as a “champion for the voiceless.” For those working in her office the message is clear: every constituent who calls her, writes to her, or visits her is given the utmost respect and attention, and leaves knowing that their opinion matters to her. Chang-Díaz is the Senate Chair for the Joint Committee on Education, as well Vice Chair of the Senate Committee on Bonding, Capital Expenditures, and State Assets. She is a strong proponent for a variety of issues, including public education and criminal justice reform. The Senator and her family currently live in Jamaica Plain.