Adrian Madaro was born and raised in East Boston. He is a first generation American and loves his community. From an early age, Adrian was exposed to civic engagement and met various people in his community that influenced him and helped him grow as a person. Due to this, Adrian developed a need to help his neighborhood and always wanted to give back.


Boston Latin School helped Adrian with his first step by introducing him to the John William Ward Fellowship. Adrian took the opportunity that was presented to him at the time and interned at Boston City Hall, where he gained valuable experiences that helped push him closer to his goal. Later he worked as Chief of Staff for State Representative Carlo Basile during his time in Tufts University.


Finally, after so many internships and gaining so much experience Adrian decided that it was time at the age of 26 to run for the position of State Representative for his beloved community of East Boston. Together with his longtime friend, Liana Lamattina, of whom he known since childhood they ran a successful Campaign. At last, he became the representative of East Boston, representing the very people that he loved and supported him throughout his life.


Nowadays, State Rep. Adrian is usually busy attending events in the East Boston neighborhood area such as Unity day, meeting with different ethnic groups, working with other politicians to improve the quality of life in East Boston, and finally most important hosting interns every year so that he could provide them with the first step that they need to start giving back to the community that helped raised them.