Adrian Madaro has had a passion for public service for as long as he can remember. His mother and father have always been heavily involved in the community of East Boston, and as a result Representative Madaro’s childhood was marked by constant neighborhood meetings and town halls. He attended The Advent Elementary School and then tested into Boston Latin School, one of the three public exam schools. It was at BLS that Mr. Madaro confirmed that he wanted to pursue a career in local politics. The experience that the representative would say was the most formative was the summer he spent interning through the John William Ward Fellowship, where he worked for Jim Hunt, the Chief of Environment and Energy department for the city of Boston. Through the fellowship, Mr. Madaro was able to gain more understanding on local government and how it functioned, and while attending Tufts University, he applied to be a Shelby Miller Fellow. He spent the summer before his senior year working for U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in Washington, D.C., but learned that his real interest was in local politics and interacting with constituents on a more personal level. Adrian returned to Boston and in his senior year at Tufts, he applied to be legislative aide to the then East Boston State Representative Carlos P. Basile. Mr. Madaro quickly rose through the ranks, and when Basile left to work as a cabinet member for Governor Charlie Baker, the State Representative seat was left empty. After encouragement from not only Mr. Basile himself but also from numerous members of the East Boston community, Adrian decided to run for State Representative at the age of 26. His familiarity with the neighborhood as well as hard work and dedication resulted in a special election victory. Adrian has been serving as East Boston State Representative since that election. He graduated from Tufts in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology and Child Development, and returned that same year to get his Master’s Degree Public Policy and Urban Planning. Mr. Madaro was not complacent, however, and while serving as Representative attended Suffolk Law School, and is taking the Bar Exam within the upcoming months. Adrian Madaro is a hardworking and committed public servant who even today embodies the qualities that the John William Ward Fellowship strives to teach.