Adrian Madaro, a first generation immigrant, comes from a family of activists. He fondly remembers attending protests, town halls, and neighborhood meetings during his childhood. These experiences motivate Madaro to fight for his community of East Boston. During his time at Boston Latin School, he participated in the Ward Fellowship. Interning for Jim Hunt at City Hall deeply influenced Madaro’s decision to pursue a career in government. He participated in the Miller Fellowship while attending Tufts University and later became Chief of Staff for Rep. Carlo Basile. Madaro learned about the work that goes into being a State Rep. through his four years working with Basile. When the Representative resigned, Madaro ran for his position and won at 27 years old, becoming the State Representative for the 1st Suffolk District. This position is unique in that Madaro only represents one neighborhood, East Boston, as opposed to other districts that are made up of several neighborhoods. While in office, he graduated from Suffolk University Law School, was the Vice Chair of the Transportation Joint Committee, and is now the House Chair of the Mental Health, Substance Use, and Recovery Joint Committee. Madaro and the Eastie community face unique issues due to the neighborhood’s location, demographics, and the Logan Airport. Despite these challenges, he works to make the lives of East Boston residents better through communication with his constituents and representation of his district at the State House.