Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) Director Jack McCarthy ’76

Jack McCarthy’s story is one of hard work and dedication. 

He attended Boston Latin School and graduated in 1976. In person, you will quickly realize that he is extremely proud to be a graduate and alum. In fact, you can always count on him to mention that someone he knows or knows of is also an alum. He really enjoys connecting with other alumni and current attendees as often as he can about the school experience and how it has changed over time. 

From there, he furthered his education by attending Boston College. He later made sure to prioritize going to law school while simultaneously working at Raytheon. 

For McCarthy, entering public service was largely influenced by his own ethics. While working at a law firm, he remembers his disbelief when he discovered fraud while working on a motor vehicle case. He did not enjoy that part of his job involved having to withhold this kind of information. From here, he decided to jump into the world of government. 

He decided to work for the Secretary of State before later working at the Inspector General’s office. After that, he decided to jump at the opportunity to be the Executive Director for the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA), at which he still holds the position presently. He believes firmly in the organization’s mission to build and renovate schools with better learning facilities for children throughout the state to thrive in. Because he appreciated the public school education that he received, it is important to him that children of future generations receive those same opportunities. 

He emphasizes his high opinion of his staff through his own role at the MSBA. Because he believes the staff is so self- motivated, he believes a big important component of his job is to provide support and make sure all roles mesh and complement each other.

Although he has changed the direction of his career throughout his life, he is consistent in bringing his expertise and vibrant energy into any work he is a part of. 

He describes raising his two daughters who have both gone on to graduate from college and have developed into kind people as the accomplishment he is most proud of.