Born on March 27, 1960, in Winthrop to two Italian immigrants, Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo is a Massachusetts man through and through. He’s lived most of his life in Winthrop (and currently lives in the same house that he grew up in), represents the 19th Suffolk district consisting of Winthrop and a portion of Revere, and has attended exclusively Boston based schools including, of course, Latin School, Northeastern University for a Bachelors of Arts, and Suffolk University for his law degree.


Speaker DeLeo was elected to his current position just about a decade ago on January 28, 2009, after previous Speaker Sal DiMasi resigned amid corruption allegations. Throughout the last decade, Speaker DeLeo has been the driving force behind numerous groundbreaking pieces of legislation including implementing some of the most effective gun control policies in the nation, helping the state lead the nation in fighting the opioid epidemic, as well as leading the country in pioneering green energy methods like wind and solar statewide.


However, Speaker DeLeo has been involved in public service long before his tenure as the Speaker of the House. Before he was first elected as a representative of the 20th Suffolk district in 1991 (and later the 19th District in 1995), Speaker Deleo served on Winthrop’s Board of Selectmen. While just a representative in the House, Speaker Deleo involved himself all across the board including chairing the Committee on Bills in the Third Reading, the House Committee on Ethics, and the Joint Committee on Local Affairs.  Speaker DeLeo continues yearly to be a leader in creating the State Budget and passing trailblazing, bipartisan legislation. Outside of the State House, Speaker DeLeo is the loving father of his two children Rob and Rachele, and an extreme baseball enthusiast.