Inspector General Glenn Cunha has been the Massachusetts Inspector General since 2012 when he was appointed to his first five-year term. Last summer, he was appointed to a second. Before serving as the Inspector General, Cunha spent 17 years as a prosecutor. There have been a total of four Inspector Generals since the position’s initiation. Prior to Cunha, each was a politician rather than someone with a background in law. As a prosecutor, he worked as an assistant district attorney in both Norfolk and Suffolk Counties before working in the Attorney General’s Office under Martha Coakley. Even though Cunha served as a prosecutor for 17 years, he also has experience working as a public defender at the Committee for Public Counsel Services. Cunha says that he always knew he wanted to be a lawyer, but his path to becoming one was definitely not the most traditional. Cunha attended Boston College and right after college worked for a Hospital Supplies company in the sales division. While working in sales, he obtained an MBA from Bentley University. After spending 10 years in sales, Cunha left to finally pursue his law degree at Suffolk University. In addition to his time spent in the public sector as a lawyer, Cunha has also served on the Brookline School Committee. Presently, as the Inspector General, Cunha is committed to increasing prevention measures surrounding the misuse and waste of public funds and decreasing opportunities for fraud. The Inspector General’s Office is divided into seven departments including one devoted to overseeing trainings to prevent waste, fraud, and misuse. This division is the Regulatory and Compliance Division. Cunha is very dedicated to serving the public and ensuring that public funds are put to use correctly. Presently, he lives in Brookline with his spouse and two kids.