Inspector General Glenn Cunha

Inspector General Glenn Cunha was first appointed in 2012, but his story does not start there. After graduating from Boston College, Glenn Cunha went on to work in sales for ten years and get his MBA from Bentley University. While another person’s story may end there, Cunha decided to go to law school, his longtime dream, eventually finding success as a public defender and an Assistant District Attorney. He was motivated by his desire to help victims become survivors and find justice for the crimes committed against them. As an ADA, Cunha traversed Massachusetts, working in offices from Norfolk to Suffolk counties, from District to Superior courts. Cunha also gained experience in a number of different focus areas. After a number of years as an ADA, Cunha transitioned to white collar crime at the Attorney General’s Office, where he found a new calling in prosecution of fraud. Cunha prides himself on being the first non-politician to hold the office of Investigator General. He believes that his background in law has provided him with a more unique, apolitical perspective that lends legitimacy to the Inspector General’s Office and furthers their work to prevent the abuse of public funds.