Glenn, as everyone in the office calls him, graduated from Boston College in 1984 with a degree in economics. He would go on to obtain a MBA and JD. Glenn’s professional life began in a private sector, however after some time he began to feel like he should be doing more, serving more. Glenn has said that he wants to go to work with a purpose behind him, rather than simply making money for someone else.When it comes to his position as Inspector General of the Commonwealth, Glenn believes that its primary goal is to protect the taxpayer, from fraudulent, wasteful, and abusive use of their money. Although the job has not been without its difficulties. Glenn has discovered that one of the most difficult parts of the being the Inspector General is politics. Being the independent office that it is, the Inspector General sometimes makes decisions and issues reports that are unpopular. At the same time these decisions are made in the best interest of the people, and are absolutely necessary to maintaining good government. Glenn hopes that moving forward the Inspector General will be able to expand into other agencies such as housing and education, and expanding its MCCPO program which aims to prevent fraud waste and abuse through education. In the office Glenn is seen as more than just a boss, in my short time there I have been able to see, and hear about he truly cares for and supports those that work with him. Many in the office have told me about his impressive professionalism and humanism that has touched them personally.