Glenn A. Cunha, the Inspector General, was first sworn into office on August 6, 2012 for his first five year term, and was reappointed for his second term in July of 2017. Cunha is the latest of four Inspector Generals, as the office was only created in 1981. Following the issuance of the Ward Commission, in which John William Ward exposed the corruption in our government after the construction scandal, 4 offices were introduced, including the Office of the Inspector General.


Cunha graduated from Boston College in 1984 with a BA in Economics, and went on to earn an MBA from Bentley University Graduate School of Management. He then worked as a Sales Manager at PrimaCare Health Resources. After working there for 5 years, he decided to pursue a law degree at Suffolk University, and graduated with a JD in 1995. He has worked as an Assistant District Attorney in both Norfolk and Suffolk Counties, before coming to work in the Attorney General’s Office under Martha Coakley. During his 8 years there, he worked as the Chief of the Insurance & Unemployment Fraud Division and Managing Attorney of the Criminal Bureau.


As the Inspector General, Glenn aims to detect and prevent fraud, waste and abuse of public funds. With eight divisions, he oversees the Department of Transportation, the State Police, and investigates claims of misuse of public funds. He currently lives in Brookline with his spouse and two kids.