Ernani’s experience through the BPS system has helped him immensely as he currently serves on the Boston School Committee, especially through the process of determining a new exam school admissions policy. Before any vote takes place, Ernani always makes sure to listen to any and all feedback from his constituents, noting there will be differing viewpoints but that all are justified and valuable when it comes to making the best decision for the families of Boston. Even after the exam schools admissions policy vote, Ernani still took the time to meet and listen to parents’ concerns so that when tweaks to the plan were made, their voices would be heard. An important philosophy to Ernani is that what the constituents need and what will serve them best should be placed above anything else, regardless of one’s own political beliefs. Currently, Ernani plans to tour BPS school facilities and help schools identify where the federal ESSER funding for the recovery of schools post-COVID can be well-spent. He is also tackling the issue of special education models in BPS school, how they can be improved and where support is needed.