Anthony Benedetti has dedicated his life and career to public service, fully embodying the ideals of John William Ward. Benedetti attended Boston Latin School and graduated with ambitions of becoming involved in politics or the law. At Boston College, Benedetti majored in political science and government. He continued his education at Suffolk Law School. While at Suffolk Law, Benedetti worked for CPCS (Committee for Public Counsel Services) as an Audit Specialist. After obtaining his law degree, he worked as a public defender for CPCS in their Brockton office, representing cases at the district and superior courts. After working as a public defender, Benedetti did not want to cut ties with CPCS. He became the CPCS General Counsel which included representing the agency in front of all 3 branches of government. His experience in litigation benefited this new aspect of his career. He worked as general counsel for 12 years between 1998 and 2010. In 2010, Benedetti was appointed to Chief Counsel and holds that position currently. After the Hinton Drug Lab Scandal, Benedetti ensured that those who were denied a fair trial had access to a second chance outside of corruption. He also worked to abolish juvenile life without parole which the NACDL has praised him for. A long time member of the Massachusetts Bar Association, Benedetti continues to prove to the public his unwavering commitment to fairness and equity. Nationally, he is a member of National Legal Aid and Defender Association, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the National Association for Public Defense. The work of Anthony Benedetti is representative of what Ward stood for and should be an inspiration to those fighting for justice and equity.