Shirley Leung, Boston Globe Columnist

Shirley Leung, simply put, is a busy woman. There’s a lot to say about her. One of the sponsors we met described her as “an amazing talent who manages to write about business and workplace inequality with the eye-catching language of People magazine.” Every time I introduced myself at these meetings as Isabella Tran, a rising senior working for the Boston Globe under Shirley, I’d get a grin and maybe a fond remark, no last name needed. 

Shirley is well known by many in the community because of how much work she does. Her schedule is hectic and always changing. Not only is she a columnist  for the Globe (and was formerly the Globe’s business editor where she oversaw the award-winning coverage during the 2008 financial crisis), she also appears as WGBH contributor to “Boston Public Radio” and “Greater Boston,” and is a regular guest on New England Cable News. 

This mom of two leads a fast-paced life, hopping from event to event to cover the news as it unfolds. A Boston transplant, originally from Maryland, Shirley began her career working at the Baltimore Sun. She attended Princeton University and was a staff reporter for the Wall Street Journal before joining the Globe.