The first thing you notice about Tito Jackson is his ability to bring people together. From his staff to the amount of constituents, residing from Back Bay all the way to Roxbury, he looks over, you can see that he holds a sense of community as this top priority. Jackson was adopted and raised by his current parents, who were also invested in the community, in the Roxbury Grove Hall neighborhood, where he still resides. The man was election to Boston City Council by means of a special election in 2011 and is still on the council. However, before he was a councilor, Jackson’s main focus, professionally, was on sales and marketing, and later became the Industry Director for Information Technology during Governor Deval Patrick’s time in office. While there, he brought over 2,000 jobs to the state, and later became his political director on Patrick’s campaign for re-election. Now, as a member of the Boston City Council, Jackson’s main focus is to allow students with better access to a world class education(he is the Chairman on the council committee on Education) while also creating pathways for small businesses to grow so that less Boston families would have to suffer economically. Although he overlooks some neighborhoods, Jackson main concern is over the city of Boston itself, which is why he announced his plans to run for Mayor back in January of 2017. He plans to make the people’s integrity and educational rights his priority, as he said, “ The City Boston is a City of compassion, and we must work together if we are to succeed.”