A mother, a child of immigrants, and a fighter for progressive change, Michelle Wu is the president of the Boston City Council. She is the youngest member on the Council and the first Asian American woman to serve as president. She is also the first City Council President to ever carry a child while serving her presidency.  Born in Chicago, Michelle worked extremely hard during her high school years and eventually ended up at Harvard College, majoring in Economics. Partway through her degree at Harvard, she returned home to Chicago to take care of her mother and her two sisters Рbecoming their legal guardian. While taking care of her family, Michelle also ran a small family business, a tea shop in Chicago featuring drinks inspired by literary characters. It was in that tea shop that Michelle gained a newfound respect and adoration for public service and city government. Michelle is a huge advocate for small businesses as well as access to transportation, encompassed by her ideas for economic mobility. Remembering her time at Harvard fondly, Michelle returned to Boston for law school, attending Harvard Law. There, Michelle was given the opportunity to work with Elizabeth Warren, one of her professors, and assisted with her Senate campaign. In 2013, Michelle was elected to the Boston City Council and in 2016, she was unanimously voted the president of the City Council. Michelle is focused on issues that women, communities of color, immigrant families, and young people face. She is a mother to her son Blaise, her newborn Cass, and a wife to her husband Conor. One can catch Michelle riding the Orange Line into work, walking in the Boston Pride Parade, and at almost any community event, and, of course, on Twitter (@wutrain!)