William Harrington was born in 2001 in Boston, Massachusetts. To most, he’s just known as Will, and lives in Roslindale with his mother, father, and sister. He is a rising senior at Boston Latin School.
For most of Will’s life his world has revolved around one factor, sports. Ever since he could remember he has always been at a rink or a field. When Will came to Boston Latin School, this lifestyle didn’t change, he would play hockey all winter, while simultaneously balancing being involved in baseball year round. During his freshman year Will decided to completely pursue baseball and the idea of playing in college. He joined a summer team that traveled all throughout the Southern U.S. playing countless tournaments. Will made bonds with his teammates that will last forever, not to mention the South is home to the infamous Waffle House, which he wishes was located in the Northeast, and has found himself spending many days and nights there indulging on their distinct breakfast repertoire. Although the food and playing baseball all summer in the South was great, he wanted to expand his horizon even further.
Will joined the Mayor’s Youth Council at the beginning of his sophomore year which was a catalyst in engaging his interests in public service and civic engagement in the community.
One message his father has always told him in many situations in his life was the simple, yet complicated idea of fairness. While taking the A.P. American Government and Politics and A.P. United States History courses at BLS, he started to learn about corruption in the government, but as well as what factors help make a prospering country. Furthermore, he is a cashier at Roche Brothers supermarket where he has seen the government’s reach outside of his textbooks by learning more about his community and their needs by talking to customers, while also gaining a more keen interest in politics in hopes of one day being able to help the hardworking people of his community.
This summer Will is going to be the Ward Fellow for Senator Nick Collins. He’s very excited to learn what it is like to work in government. He hopes that his experiences will benefit him in the future to make a more widespread impact on his community and city. Will is interested in studying Business or Public Policy in college to help achieve his plan of one day becoming a lawyer.