I was born on November 30, 1994 in a rapidly developing city in China called ShenZhen. I grew up in the warm shelter of my parents and in the companion of my older brother. I came to America for the first time when I was 10, where I was welcomed into the arms of my grandparents who had a handful raising two restless and immature trouble-makers, despite the challenges of old age and poor healthy. Language barrier was the first thing that I had to overcome when I came to this new and exciting country. Quickly adapting to the new culture, I graduated from the William Harvard-Kent Elementary School, and went to the Thomas Edison Middle School before finally testing into Boston Latin School where I spent 6 years of my life educating myself, meeting new people, and studied miserably. Looking back, I must say, Boston Latin School gave me the experience of a lifetime; despite the over-burdening stress and the copious amounts of work, I had the honor to meet the brightest students, talented teachers, and opened myself to amazing opportunities I wouldn’t have dreamt of back in China.

    Language is a fascinating subject to me. The beauty of each precisely voiced sounds stringed together with the capacity of indefinite amounts of knowledge is the true essence of communication, and different languages became powerful tools that can emit these messages. Language essentially are the backbones of society. I discovered my passion for different languages when I first came to the Land of the Free; I learned English by watching TV shows like Seinfeld and it bewilders me how simple words when masterfully assembled can have the effects to make people laugh, cry and think. I further enriched my knowledge of languages with a year of French in middle school, and fueled my passion through learning Italian at Boston Latin School for four years, studying the ancient languages such as Latin and Greek throughout my high school career.

    I like to stay active through my years on the BLS Track & Field and the BLS Crew Team, and I am also deeply involved in the Boston Latin School community with my 6 years of dedication on the BLS Concert String Orchestra as a violist. Furthermore, I have the privilege of competing with the Speech and Debate Club for four years and leading it as a captain. In addition, I am the founder of the human rights-based club Liberty in North Korea where we act as activist and community leaders to raise awareness and donations to fund North Korean refugees. Lastly, after I discovered my interest in biology and medicine, I became involved with the BLS Pre-Medical Society and as the President, we become involved at different local events such as Blood Drives, and volunteer at local hospitals.

    In addition to staying active in the Boston Latin School community, I am also a scholar in the Harvard Crimson Summer Academy, which is a paid 3-year summer program, in which I have the privilege to join a group of highly selective and motivated students from all over the Boston area, to take full summer course at Harvard and become better citizens with the common goals of a higher education. Also, I am a team-leader in the Boston Art-Science Prize, in which students formulated, test, and market their own ideas, in the process of becoming entrepreneurs in developing their ideas and receive fundings to make their dreams a reality. It truly gave me an unique exposure learn real-world business strategies and further develop my understandings in different needs and concerns of the world.

    I will be attending the School of Management at Boston University in the fall of 2013, and although I do not have an exact idea of what to do in my future, I do have goals to go into international business. I want to become someone that is dedicated to make the world a better place, I want to help improve the standard of living and provide basic education for children, and whether I can achieve that through becoming a public servant or a lawyer or a business woman or an engineer, I don’t quite know. But I do want to become part of the rapid and exciting change that is revolutionizing the world and making it a better place.