Trang Tran lives in Dorchester with her parents and her three brothers. Her parents, Hai and Ledung Tran, own and operate two dry cleaners in Boston. Her oldest brother, Long, attended Boston Latin School, and then graduated from Cornell University in May of 2000. Her second eldest brother attended Boston Latin Academy, and is currently an economics major at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Her younger brother, Vinh, will start his senior at Boston Latin School in the fall of 2002. Her family means a great deal to her.

Trang’s parents immigrated to the United States from Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Her parents went through much, risking their lives in order to help give their children a better life here in the United States. Trang is named after the person who had helped her parents escape, and who had died helping others. They have all strengthened Trang’s desire to lead a life of public service, and to use her life to make a positive difference in the world through the lives of others. She understands the importance of helping others and speaking up for the rights of others, especially those who can’t speak up for themselves.

Trang graduated from Boston Latin School in June of 2002. When she was at Boston Latin, she was involved in many ways. Trang was an alto in Concert Choir. She volunteered in the nurse’s office, as well as in the guidance department. Trang was a junior mentor, and was on the crew team for a short period of time.

Outside of Boston Latin, Trang has been swimming since she was almost four years old. She played softball and has achieved a blue-stripe in tae kwon do. Trang placed seventh in synchronized swimming at the Bay State Games. She likes to bike, ice-skate, and roller blade. Trang is now attending a kickboxing class. She also enjoys playing the piano and listening to all different types of music.

For the past four summers, Trang worked as a lifeguard at a Boston Community Center Pool. There, she taught many people, especially children, how to swim. Throughout the year, she voluntarily helps her parents out at their dry cleaners. Trang also helps to take care of her many younger cousins.

In the fall of 2002, Trang will be a freshman at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. She intends to double major in neuroscience and in political science. She isn’t sure of exactly what she would like to do quite yet, but she has two definite possible career paths. Trang has wanted to become a lawyer or judge — the type of person who would be in the position to effectively help others by speaking up for them and protecting their rights. She is also considering helping others through medicine, in which she would like to be a pediatric cardiologist or a surgeon.

For the summer of 2002, Trang feels very privileged to be working with the Honorable Michael P. Ross, a great Boston City Councilor.