Marie-Theresa Nelson, who prefers to be called Theresa, was born on March 1, 2000, at Boston Medical Center. She is currently a part of a family of 5, including her parents, Creel and Francesse, and two brothers, Marc and Ralph. With both of her parents being born in Haiti, they moved to Boston to create better lives for their children.

As a current employee of College Bound Dorchester, an out-of-school time program for students aged around 6 to 12, Theresa has gained a great interest in the youth of her neighborhood. She enjoys the satisfaction of seeing someone else happy because of something she did. Her work has inspired her to focus more on the up and coming leaders of our world.

Although not initially interested in public service, the Ward Fellowship gives Theresa an opportunity to explore all sides of life and how certain decisions are made regarding the unfortunate youth who have been separated from their parents and entered into the foster care system. Seeming as a narrow goal, Theresa ensures that the Ward Fellowship will expand her horizons and open doors for her to make an actual difference in the lives of those around her. Her one goal in life is to make a difference, no matter how small.

Working at College Bound and seeing the effects of the foster care system on children, Theresa hopes to see the other side of the spectrum. The side that is never understood but always criticized. The side that makes the hard decisions but always receives the most heat. She believes that her experience with children will help mold her impact on the government side of things.

Theresa’s resume is not as loaded as others but her heart and dedication makes up for that. She cares for everyone she has come across and would do anything for any of her students. She has the qualities that simply cannot be taught, making her different than anyone else. Her sportsmanship makes her a great addition to the Ward Fellowship. She will not only continue to motivate herself, but also her other Ward Fellows.