Simon Fischer was born in 1987 in Boston.  He has attended the Boston Latin School since seventh grade and has predominantly enjoyed his time there.  He lives in West Roxbury with his mother father and sister.

Simon has always been surrounded by a supportive family environment.  They have all supported his every goal and dream.  When the opportunity for the Ward Fellowship presented itself his entire family greatly encouraged him to apply.  Simon applied to the fellowship to further his own knowledge of government and of public service.  Simon will surly come away with a positive experience from the summer and looks forward to pursuing his interests in politics and public service.

At the Latin School Simon keeps himself very busy.  He has been a member of varsity soccer since the 9th grade and he will become captain his senior year.  Although the team has a poor record, Simon always eagerly anticipates the upcoming season.  Simon has also been involved in the arts programs at the Latin School.  He has been a member of chorus since class sixth and joined the wolftones his junior year.  Simon now is a member of concert choir and wants to continue singing throughout his life.

Outside of school Simon also keeps himself extremely busy.  Simon has taken piano lessons since he was three years old, and now takes jazz piano lessons.  Although practicing for this instrument requires a great amount of time and energy, Simon also plays on a Jamaica Plain travel soccer team.  He has repeatedly said that it is because of this team that he continues to play soccer.  Throughout his career on this team Simon has only last 5 games; impressive for the 8 years Simon has been on the team.

Simon is eagerly anticipating his senior year and is interested in several schools including Emory, Washington University, and George Washington University.  Although he still does not know what major he wants to pursue, he finds government very intriguing and has always been captivated by the Middle East.  He hopes to combine his two major interests into one field.  Simon performed extremely well in his junior year, raising his GPA by more than a point and will meet the rigors of his senior year head on.  As well as senior year, Simon looks forward to taking a trip to Israel with his friends.  Being Jewish, even though unreligious, Simon feels it is important for him to travel to Israel.

Simon has the up most pleasure to work with the energetic, multi term councilor from District 8, Michael P. Ross.