Siena Furfaro is a rising senior at Boston Latin School. Born into a family of life-long East Boston residents, Siena has grown up in Eastie and is eager to work for her community. Siena’s grandparents were born in Calabria, Italy, later immigrating to the United States, and their hard work, determination, and willingness to give back, even when they had little, instilled a call to create equal opportunities for others. 

At school, Siena is the president of the Boston Latin School Gospel Choir and has dedicated her secondary school years to the choir, an extracurricular devoted to making a welcoming and warm environment for all members through a shared passion for music. Siena hopes to transfer the skills she has learned in this position to help create better communities. For the past few years, Siena has also enjoyed volunteering for a neighborhood organization that is dedicated to creating opportunities for young children with autism. This community program has enabled her to be available and contribute to change by helping others. 

Siena is excited to participate in the Fellowship because she is compelled to help people and believes it is our shared responsibility to help each other. As immigrants, her grandparents received many opportunities, and Siena is interested in maintaining these opportunities for others by helping enable accessible immigration. Additionally, Siena’s community work and volunteering has extended to the homeless, inspiring her to create better advocacy and access to shelter for those without such resources. Recently, Siena has observed the significance of politics, and she wants to help work on compassionate policies and solutions to provide these rights through this Fellowship.