On July 1st of 2001, Sebastian Geary Suarez was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He was the son of a Peruvian immigrant and a Irish girl from Chelmsford.
Both his parents worked at bookstores, so from a young age his house was filled with books and it was only a matter of time until he began to read them. He would grab the newest installment of Magic Treehouse the moment his parents brought it home from the store hop on the couch and then he would disappear into the next adventure of Jack and Annie. On very special occasions he would get to visit his parents’ bookstore. At the beginning of the day he would wander the store grabbing any books that seemed interesting to him and then he would go back to the office and read for the rest of the day. Trips to the foodcourt to get a hamburger did not stop the reading and it was only at the end of the day that he picked his head up and begged them to buy the book he was in the middle of so he could finish it, likely on the train home.
This love of reading carried through his school career beginning at the Rafael Hernandez School, the elementary school he attended. This was a bilingual school meaning that his classes would alternate between English and Spanish every week. The ability to speak two languages continued to be important to him and created a strong bond with his Peruvian heritage. He enjoyed his time there so much that he now returns to volunteer with the current students. From the Rafael Hernandez School he spent one year at Thayer Academy in Braintree before he was accepted into the Boston Latin School in 7th grade. He tried to maximize the opportunities the BLS gave him, whether it was joining the soccer team, playing cello and other wonderful opportunities..
His interest in public service came from his grandfather, a district court judge in Middlesex county. Sebastian would sit with him and listen to stories about what he had done as a judge and during family gatherings he could always overhear the legal debates that usually broke out between the many lawyers in his family.
This exposure to the legal profession in his family led him to join the Mock Trial Team at the Boston Latin School in 9th grade. This gave him really experience in the law. Trying to separate what was true and what was not, seeing what helped his case and what did not. The Mock Trial Team also exposed him to many former Ward fellows. These students told Sebastian what the Ward Fellowship was all about and how it could help him transfer the work he had been doing as a part of the mock trial team into real world action. This chance to turn the theory of mock trial into action is why Sebastian is excited to work in the office of District Attorney Dan Conley this summer.