As soon as I found out about the Ward Fellowship, I knew it would be completely foolish to pass up such an opportunity. I applied for the fellowship for many reasons. Probably the biggest reason I applied was because I wanted to be exposed to a type of environment filled with people who strive to provide service to others. I have always known that the career I would want to pursue in the future had to involve providing service to others. I was born into a family that always stressed how important hard work and giving back to others is. Both my father and grandfather came to America with nothing but the clothes on their back and just a little bit of money. Despite this, they worked as hard as they could to make a better life for not only themselves, but also, their family. My father and grandfather as well as many other members of my family have continued to inspire me to want to pursue a career that focuses on making a difference in someone’s life.

Despite the heavy workload and the many tears that I have cried while writing papers (mostly at the last minute which is truly my fault), I would have to say that BLS has made me stronger and has contributed to my work ethic immensely. It has made me want to put the utmost effort into every assignment I get. In the future, I hope to become an endocrinologist. This career path takes a lot of hard work and determination but I know that with the skills that BLS has taught me and my passion for wanting to help people, I will be able to achieve this goal.