Sadie Audia is a rising senior, living  in the South End with her family of four. She went to a bilingual elementary school providing me with the unique experience of learning in both English and Spanish. Sadie finds herself using those skills today and later realized how enriching it was to know two languages. From there she went to BLS where she learned so much about herself and the subjects she came to love. She became interested in public service because of her love of connecting with others. Working in a restaurant in her neighborhood, she loves connecting with the guests and inspired her to try and become involved in her community. She has always loved history which evolved into interest in current events and politics. She took the course at BLS called Facing History and Ourselves which involved having difficult conversations about our past and future as a nation. Because of that, she wants to try and have an impact on the world through public service. Sadie applied for this internship to gain more experience in the workforce and attempt to make connections for a future career. She has also played soccer for her whole life and is the captain of the varsity team. With leadership qualities and a budding interest in public service, she hopes to make an impact as the Mayor’s Office intern and learn more about the career she is interested in.