Sachel Borgias Arias

Sachel joined the Fellowship because of her desire to learn about public service. Over the summer she was able to gain a basic understanding about public service and civic engagement and enjoyed her experience. The Ward Fellowship provides scholars the opportunity to work in the office of an elected official in our government or judicial system. more about public service. For as long as she can remember, her mother always told her to take advantage of all of the opportunities that she came across and the Ward Fellowship is a perfect example. This fellowship opened her eyes to different viewpoints and helped her gain a better understanding of the problems we see going on in our world and ways to combat them.

There is a realm of possibilities when it comes to public service. From the day I began thinking about my future, I knew I wanted to help others in some form or another. This past summer I had the privilege to do an internship at the Judicial Youth Corps. Through this internship, I was able to meet professionals in public service such as attorneys, judges and public defenders. This experience really inspired me to pursue a career in public service. I am currently a part of the Mayor’s Youth Council as well, where I volunteer as a Youth Ambassador and work as a Latinx Liaison. As a part of the council we work to spread the word on voting among youth and create projects chosen by Boston youth. Through the council I have been able to work with the City of Boston Latinx liaison in supporting Latinx communities. He has shown me the importance of giving back to your community and appreciating your roots.