My name is Rosalind DeLaura and I am a rising senior at Boston Latin School. I live in Jamaica Plain and have for my whole life. Growing up, I was lucky enough to participate in many community programs, from the arts to soccer, and these helped shape who I am today; I can still remember learning to knit at Kids Art and to ski with Youth Enrichment Services (YES) to name two. I also sing with a chorus at Boston City Singers. These groups fostered a love for creating and learning so much so that I volunteer for YES to teach skiing to kids much like myself in the same program and mentor the younger chorus at Boston City Singers.

I realize how much these programs have helped me find a voice, and I see work in public service as an extension of community programs on a much larger scale. From public forums to petitions and public defenders, all of these and more receive people who have previously felt like their voice does not matter, and through different channels, take their wants and needs to heart and improving their lives. Both foster positive change, and I want to participate in something that has that ability. I want to work in public service to make a difference in people’s everyday lives, because with that initial difference, they can in turn help improve their community, making it a place where innovation and acceptance thrive and anyone can make their voice heard. Hearing about the Ward Fellowship at school and its commitment to public service, I thought it was a perfect start to what I want to do, so I applied. This summer I am working for Jack McCarthy at the Massachusetts School Building Authority. This sponsor and organization is ideal for me to learn from, as they build public schools, places vital for students and families throughout Massachusetts to gain access to better opportunities. I have always enjoyed my time in school and learning what I can from my teachers and peers, so I look forward to seeing what goes into making it possible for all of us.