Regine Pierre-Louis

Regine Pierre-Louis is currently a rising senior at Boston Latin School. Throughout her high school career, she has developed a passion for the study of law, government, and politics. With the intention of pursuing a future in public service, her focus in recent years, both in terms of her professional career and education, has been centered around the government and how it operates.

Regine’s interest in public service can be traced back to her sophomore year when she joined the Boston Latin School Mock Trial Team. Her experience building cases to present at trial and working with active members of the judicial system helped pull her towards a career in law. Eager to learn more about the judiciary, Regine spent the following summer working at the Suffolk County Superior Courthouse. There, she was able to observe the workings of the current system from behind the scenes. Regine’s participation in this internship helped her understand both the strengths and weaknesses of the judicial system, while simultaneously highlighting its importance in the lives of everyday people. Despite the many inequities evident throughout the judiciary, she found the efforts of public servants to create a more fair and just system inspiring, reinforcing her desire to follow in their footsteps.

Regine has continued her journey towards a career in law by participating in the Ward Fellowship. With this opportunity, she hopes to expand her knowledge of the judicial system, as well as learn how all systems of government cooperate with one another to create change.

Regine’s sponsor is Judge Patti Saris GLS’69.