Rachel has grown up in the South End and has attended Boston Public Schools her whole life. It is through this education and exposure to law-oriented learning opportunities that she developed a fascination with public service and its ability to enact positive social change. 

Rachel’s civic engagement began with her passion for gender equity, which motivated her involvement in feminist clubs and sexual violence prevention organizations. Rachel’s participation in the middle school Discovering Justice program led her to join the BLS Mock Trial team, for which she served as a captain since junior year. She has especially appreciated the sense of community gained from preparing for trial and Supreme Court simulations with her teammates. This growing interest in law correlated with an increasing awareness for the inequities facing the communities around her. Interning with the Public Defender last summer, she witnessed how the legal system can perpetuate the cycles of violence endured by Boston’s most marginalized populations. As a Ward Fellow, she is interning for Federal District Court Judge and fellow BLS alumna Patti Saris. Along with issues like mass incarceration and police misconduct, the recent elimination of women’s fundamental rights to abortion and bodily autonomy is what motivates Rachel to pursue a career in law. She hopes to become part of the generation of attorneys that will restore and defend the civil rights all individuals are entitled to.