Price Nicholas is 17 years old and a Boston native. He is a rising senior at BLS, where he plays soccer in the fall and lacrosse in the spring. He enjoys both seasons greatly, but less for the sports and more for the people. During the winter, he volunteers at the after-school program for the Hurley School, a public school he attended before Boston Latin School. As with the sports he plays, the best part of the experience is the people he gets to interact with and learn from. At the Hurley, Price has been able to work with kids from all different situations and backgrounds, including ones who have led extremely difficult lives. From his conversations with these children, Price has gained a new understanding of the many challenges faced by students like these every day. Price has also had the chance to learn from his experience living in Mexico, which he did at the age of 10 because of his dad’s job. He keeps this connection by staying in touch with friends in Mexico, and last summer he had the chance to return there, where he lived with a host family and worked in a local youth program.

His interest in public service began his sophomore year, when the BLS BLACK movement began gaining traction. Although he wasn’t directly involved, he was struck by how a few brave high schoolers could make such a positive change in the world around them. It also caused him to start considering all of the inequity in the community around him, specifically the opportunity gap that exists in terms of access to education and other resources. Inspired by the events at Boston Latin School, he began to realize that he wanted to do more than just watch from the sidelines, and actually work to make a difference in the world around him. This, of course, is a difficult goal to achieve, and Price still struggles with figuring out how to do this. He hopes that his time working in the office of Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz will give him the foundation with which he can further work to make a positive impact both in his community and beyond.