Phoebe Clark was born and raised in the West Roxbury/Roslindale area and is a rising senior at Boston Latin School. With family from Tallahassee to Chicago, Phoebe’s upbringing with multiple American perspectives has contributed to her fascination with history.

Growing up, she attended the Patrick Lyndon School until transferring to Brooke Charter Schools where she interacted with multiple different communities around Boston and explored her passion for debate and for athletics. 

The decision to attend Boston Latin School in 7th grade was not an easy one but it was the right decision for Phoebe. She has made the most of her time there as a member of the soccer team, vice president of BLS Zine, on the Anti-Bias Student Council, and an alto in the Concert Choir. Boston Latin School has been the perfect forum for her to explore all of her interests from music, to sports, and now to government and public service. Her APUSH class with Mr Rinaldi, and her AP Gov class with Ms. Elliott were some of the major reasons she fell in love with US history and policy and hopes to further that passion through her Ward Fellowship placement at CPCS.

Phoebe cannot wait to learn more about the inner workings of public policy in the city she calls home.