Perrin Price is a rising senior who was born on July 4th, 2001 in Boston, MA. She lived in Brookline until she moved to West Roxbury at the age of 5 because of her father’s  job as a lawyer under Mayor Thomas Menino. Perrin has a younger sister, Zoë, who attends Boston Latin School as well and an older sister, Hadley, who graduated Latin School in 2012.

Perrin has embraced her time at Boston Latin School by participating in numerous on campus extracurricular activities including the Big Band, Concert Choir, Gospel Choir, Dues Band and Filipino Club. She is a vocalist who loves using her voice to show her emotions and move audiences. While many know her musical side, she also has many other interests including public service.

During her sophomore year in 2016-17, Perrin served the Boston Latin School community by being one of two students representing the student body on the Headmaster Selection Committee. While on the committee, she was able to voice student concerns and represent her peers as the committee worked to select a new headmaster. During this time, Perrin saw firsthand how leadership develops and how people come together. She saw the importance of democracy and the experience heightened her interest in public service to even greater levels.

The summer of 2017 let Perrin explore the public sector even further. Perrin has always been highly interested in public transportation, leading her to want to work at the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority). Much to her surprise, she was able to achieve that goal at the young age of sixteen during the summer before her junior year. While working in the Safety Department, she was able to see numerous aspects of the whole organization and how it is overseen and run. She enjoyed working there very much and hopes to return.

When Perrin learned about the Ward Fellowship, she knew she had to apply. While she had seen many different parts of the public sector, she knew the Ward Fellowship would let her directly see the political governing side, which she believes is the most vital and important part to experience to truly understand how the public sector operates. She hopes to learn about issues that affect her community and how they are addressed. She is thrilled to be working with City Councilor Matt O’Malley and work firsthand with her own district.