Penelope Meisel, a rising Senior at Boston Latin School, was born and raised in West Roxbury. Her love to learn began in elementary school, leading her to attend the Advanced Work program (AWC) at the Phineas Bates and Washington Irving before entering BLS in seventh grade.

Penelope spent her childhood fascinated by the concept of voting and democracy, and tagged along with her parents to polling stations during every election. Her passion for serving her community  was sparked in 2015, when she began volunteering at various organizations like the Special Olympics and Rosie’s Place with her family. 

Although her interest in politics  and government began well before her high school career, Penelope discovered her interest in public service during her Advanced Placement United States Government and Politics class in her junior year. The class was taught unbiased and factually, which allowed Penelope to realize that, politics aside, government was what she wanted to pursue. 

Penelope realized her enthusiasm for writing in sixth grade, when her English teacher assigned weekly creative writing assignments. She has since explored her love for writing as a Staff Writer and Editor of her school’s newspaper, The Argo, and as an Advanced Placement Language and Composition student. She hopes to utilize her skills in new found ways at the Attorney General’s Office, where she will enhance her thinking and writing analytically and logically.

While not studying and catching up on current events, Penelope spends her time rowing on the Charles River with the BLS Girls Varsity Crew team, of which she is a captain and member of five years. She incorporates the passion and leadership that the sport has taught her into her everyday life.