Owen Sullivan

I first became interested in politics back as the 2016 presidential race began— my friends, former Ward Fellows Sebastian Suarez and Federico Rollo (both 2018), and I began running a club at Boston Latin centered around discussing politics, and I was hooked. 2016 rolled around, and I rapidly became disillusioned with federal government; the gridlock and infighting soured my view of what I had once perceived as an effectual, albeit flawed, institution. It felt detached, rarely making a tangible difference in peoples’ lives, and I began to explore ways that I felt I could help people and fulfill the ideals of representative government in civil service. That led me to the Ward Fellowship.

I live in West Roxbury with my family and my dog, and I graduated Latin school this year, about two weeks ago; in the fall, I will be attending Colby College, where I hope to major in political science. After the Ward Fellowship, I intend to pursue opportunities to work in Washington D.C.

Lastly, I feel obligated to say that I am deeply indebted to the Latin School alumni who made the Ward Fellowship a reality— it provides me, and my peers, with a unique opportunity to participate in civil service and government that would not exist without their help.