Neil Jin was born and raised in Boston as a curious child who always loved his community.

From a young age, he attended local community programs for sports and learning where he made many close friends. Neil was very grateful for resources that were available to him. At Boston Latin School, he was an active member of his school’s speech and debate team, getting involved in 7th grade and continuing his involvement all throughout high school. Along with student council which he has also been extensively involved in, these two clubs have fostered his love for public service and policymaking. Neil loved being able to learn about policies on a national level in debate as well as being able to enact change on a local level through student council. In the summer of his sophomore year, he was able to work in the materials management department of the Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital. This allowed him to see every department as he restocked supplies throughout the hospital. Through his experience at Faulkner Hospital, he has discovered his love for public health as well. Throughout junior year, he has worked for the Boston Public Health Commission to help create a PSA to raise awareness about public health. Working alongside Boston Public School students like him, he has learned how to give back to his community more. Neil now hosts the Healthy617 podcast which is aimed to inform others about public health as well as interview experts in the field to see their perspectives about issues such as COVID-19.