Muching Zhang is a sixteen-year-old resident of West Roxbury, set to enter her senior year at Boston Latin. An aspiring journalist, talented musician, and voracious reader, Muching has made quite an impact both in and out of school.

Muching was born in Beijing, China on October 6, 1986. Upon her arrival to the United States from China at age five, Muching was allowed to go into first grade despite the fact that she was born after the August 31 cutoff date. She attended the Farragut School and then moved to the Runkle Elementary School in Brookline, a town that she still waxes nostalgic about. After spending sixth grade in Connecticut, Muching began her career as a sixie at BLS.

One of Muching’s greatest passions is writing. As she will be Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper The Argo, she is learning the skills needed to be a good leader. She started out as a Copy Editing Associate, where she looked over every page, combing each article for errors in spelling, grammar and usage. One of Muching’s biggest pet peeves is when people use “good” when they mean “well”; in fact, she will flinch and correct anyone who does so in her presence. As a sixie, she loved to read the Argo, and now she hopes that with a devoted staff and hard work the Argo will be a quality newspaper that informs and inspires students with compelling articles. A subscriber to and diligent reader of both The Boston Globe and Time magazine, Muching keeps up on current events, because she believes it is the responsibility of every citizen of the world to show concern for and interest in what is going on, especially if he or she wants to make positive changes in society. Muching hopes to do her part through journalism and mass communication.

Muching is also active in other areas. She has been a member of Asian Students In Action (ASIA) since sixie year and performed in the club’s most popular event, Asian Night, in sophomore year. She also tutors in Chinese, English, History and Latin to underclassmen after school. In her junior year, Muching became a teacher?s aide to Ms. Son-Mey Chiu, and she frequently proofreads and edits her classmates’ papers. Muching began playing the violin at age six and is now a member of the String Ensemble, Chamber Ensemble, and second violinist of the Encore Quintet at Boston Latin. She has a wide range of taste in music, from opera to classical to jazz and even occasionally country.

Her sponsor is Attorney General Thomas Riley.