My name is Molly Griffin and I live in Dorchester. I have met many people both within my family and outside of it who have inspired me to partake in public service. The Ward Fellowship offers a unique opportunity for someone with a voice to be heard. Having the chance to work in the office of an elected or appointed public servant is unbelievable. I chose to participate in this program because I want to learn how I am able to make a difference in my community. I want to be able to help bring people together and be assured that our government is listening to what the people have to say about how we can change our society for the better. Since eighth grade, I have been involved with community service, not just in school, but also outside of school. Whether the service be helping run a Mass Fallen Heroes sale or coaching a local youth soccer team, I love being involved in my community. Public service means that I get my voice heard. In public service I would have a greater opportunity to meet many interesting people and gain many different experiences. If I did not try for this Fellowship, I would never have that chance.

I feel that, through this fellowship, I will gain the experience needed to better help my peers, and those within my community. Perhaps my friends are trying to launch a new club at school, or maybe my neighbors have noticed too many cars speeding down our street. Having gained the knowledge to become involved and be proactive with public service, I would be able to offer my advice on the issues. I want to be able to branch out and break out of my shell personally, as I find myself to be a quiet person. In order to help others, I need to gain experience on how to effectively help my neighbors and peers. The fellowship would help me gain the experience needed to become a community leader and to be able to make my voice heard. “One must act as if one can make a difference.” Many people want to make a change in the world, especially in this day and age. These words ring true today because we as a society have the best possibilities and abilities to make the changes that we want to see happen. Whether it be through social media or by starting a club in school, communication is key. Now, in the year 2016, we are able to communicate at speeds the world has never experienced before. These words will never go out of fashion; there is always something we can improve upon. In order to make a difference, we must take action.