Meredith Zielonka

Meredith Zielonka was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and has lived in Allston, Newton, West Roxbury, and Roslindale, in that order. Living in so many different areas of the city and its suburbs has given her a window into the lives of the people for whom she hopes to advocate as a public servant. 

Meredith was first drawn to the idea of public service at her elementary school, where her education included not only math and science but also Jewish tradition. The Jewish concept of tikkun olam or “repairing the world” was impressed upon her not as an option but as an obligation, and one which, twelve years later, she still honors.

While at Boston Latin School, Meredith joined the Boston Mayor’s Youth Council in order to become an advocate for the issues directly impacting teenagers across the city. She has also volunteered on the reelection campaign of a Boston City Councilor, and served on a board dedicated to raising money for organizations with social justice-oriented causes.

During freshman year, Meredith joined the Boston Latin School Mock Trial Team in order to understand how the criminal justice system is shaped by law. As captain, she has spent the last year teaching younger students how a just judicial system can improve people’s lives. Her passion for law and justice has led Meredith to the Office of the Investigator General, where she will be working this summer. 

Meredith graduated Boston Latin School in the Class of 2020. In the fall, she will be taking a gap year abroad to study the history of the Middle East before she continues on to Harvard University where she hopes to major in Government and Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations.

Meredith’s sponsor is Inspector General Glenn Cunha.