Maymuna Rahman

Maymuna Rahman is currently a rising senior at Boston Latin School. Born in 2002, she was raised in Allston Brighton, later moving to Roxbury in 2008. She is one of three children of Bangladeshi immigrant parents, who helped spark her interest in government through daily dinner talks about politics.

By learning about the way in which the Bangladeshi government is run, Maymuna sought to understand the big discrepancies between its corrupt nature and the environment in which the United States government had: what did the US do that was, simply put, better? Could it optimize the way in which it functions? She became particularly interested in the US justice system, since the Bangladeshi judicial systems consistently failed to uphold justice and the previous seemed to be doing a significantly better job. To shed light on the issues in Bangladesh, she has participated in protests in Harvard Square to help spread awareness about the issue and is keen to be up to date on the latest news on the changes in the judicial system.

Maymuna continued her practices of civic engagement by actively attending sessions on advocacy, public service, and organizing, including those hosted by Poligon, a national non-profit organization amplifying Muslim American voices in Congress through education, training, and advocacy. During tense legislative episodes including the Affordable Care Act repeal efforts and family separations at the border, she personally reached out to the offices of her  representatives in Congress and state legislature to express her concerns and push for legislative reform.

With the opportunities the Ward fellowship provides, Maymuna is very excited to work with US District Judge Patti Saris. She hopes to gain knowledge of the pros and cons of the United States judicial system so as to see how Bangladesh can improve its own.