A rising senior, Maura Hatala spent years hearing about the ways that her family loved to help people. 

With a mother who worked to educate seniors on their diets so they could live longer, happier lives, and a dad who worked in pharmaceuticals to help patients with childhood epilepsy, wanting to help people live their lives to the fullest is something she grew up on. 

When her first opportunity to do so presented itself in the fifth grade at a program called Strong Women Strong Girls, Maura sprang into action to help mentor young girls and teach them the ways to navigate the world as women. This program sparked a desire to help all sorts of women, in as many ways as possible. Joining all women’s clubs at Boston Latin School to working in soup kitchens at women’s shelters on weekends, Maura seeks to help women throughout her community. Her passion to do so from a legislative perspective sprouted when she began her internship at the Massachusetts State House where she worked with Daniel Ryan. Furthermore, when the opportunity to work in the Ward Fellowship presented itself, Maura jumped on it. Ward allows Maura to work in her own community, and change areas that she is passionate about, especially in creating a campaign against domestic violence. Ward allows Maura to be the change she wants to see in her world.