Mateo Daffin

Born and raised in Roslindale, MA, Mateo is a rising college freshman at Boston University. As someone who is dedicated to social and climate justice, he has immersed himself in numerous leadership roles in clubs such as BLS B.L.A.C.K. (Black Leaders Aspiring for Change and Knowledge) and YouthCAN (Climate Action Network). Mateo has also been participating in the annual Inquiry symposium at the Tufts University Institute for Global Leadership for 4 years, where he expresses his passion for international relations. In 2019, he traveled to  Kenya where he spent time working with elementary and secondary school children on environmental community service as well as learning about the rich culture of the Maasai and Samburu peoples. Mateo also served as the President for the class of 2020. Mateo is excited to work with Councilor Campbell to help tackle structural issues facing Black and Brown communities in the city of Boston. On his spare time, Mateo enjoys tending to his tomato garden and learning about Black American art history.

Mateo’s sponsor is Boston City Councilor Andrea Campbell ’00.