Mariana Colque

In 2003, Mariana Colque was born in Arequipa, Peru. At the age of 4, she and her mother moved to Massachusetts with her father. Moving from Peru to Brookline to Jamaica Plain to Roslindale was a challenge. She is grateful to have experienced different environments and sees them as an advantage, as they ultimately shaped her perspective on life. The most considerable shift in her surroundings was the language barrier, as she knew little English before moving to Brookline. Overcoming it at a young age allowed her to excel when she was older and learn that this barrier shouldn’t stop others from opportunities they may have had otherwise. Though one may see similarities between the Boston neighborhoods’ it is important to note that each came with a different experience and memories. Her unique experiences in each of these neighborhoods had fostered a sense of community and wanting to be involved. This includes her work with her old elementary school. She was able to go back and tutor kids similar to those she had gone to school with.  It only enforced her idea of valuing cultures, as she had been in contact with many. Talking to and learning from kids from different backgrounds and strengthening her connections with previous teachers only continued to teach her that helping those who helped you is one of the greatest feelings. Her passion for community service stems from that past as well as wanting to give back. She applied to the fellowship to gain experience in something political, a newfound interest that had become a passion.