Luciano Mascia

Luciano Mascia was born in 2004 and has lived his whole life in the same house in Jamaica Plain. With a loud father from New York and sweet mother from the South there is never a dull moment in their household. Luciano uses any excuse to be outside. Whether it be to play sports, mountain bike, hike, or simply just go on a run. Despite his limited experience on this hobby he also loves to travel. He has only been out of the country once but it was to go to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with his father.

Luciano was first exposed to public service in 8th grade when he was elected Student Council Head with his slogan of “ vote for luchi and you will be gucci ”. He only ran because a friend of his needed a running mate but this sparked his interest in public service. He helped with clothing and toiletry drives for places like Rosies’s place or the Pine Street Inn. Since then he has been very into politics and public service. When he heard about the Ward Internship he was in utter disbelief that this opportunity for Boston Latin Students was an option.

Luciano Mascia is working with CPCS Chair Anthony Benedetti and could not be more excited. He is hoping this will be able to aid his future career in public service and give him more experience in this field.