Luceille Humphrey

Hi, I’m Lucy Humphrey. I’m 17, and I will be a senior at Boston Latin School next year. Of all the things that I could say I do, I’ll only list a couple. I play the bassoon, both at school in the Symphonic and Wind ensembles, and in an orchestra on Saturdays at Community Music Center of Boston. I practice taekwondo and currently have a black belt, although I am working towards my second degree. I also teach Taekwondo once a week to kids ages 4-6.  I’m also an active member of my church, where I am on the Worship Committee and the Family Ministry Committee. Through all these activities I have found I love working with and being with other people. I am by nature outgoing, but I definitely have to credit my parents with some of that.

Growing up, I was involved in social justice movements, either fighting for marriage equality and LGBTQ+ rights, or for climate justice, and many other movements. My parents began bringing me to these events as a kid, but I continued my activism as I got older. The reason that I am so involved in this is because of how I was raised. As a daughter of two moms, and as a Unitarian Universalist, I believe in the worth and dignity of every being, and that everybody should have a voice in their community. It has led me to be involved in the world around me, and to participate in social justice movements. I fight for what I believe is right, and for the rights of others.

With the Ward Fellowship, I get to take part in my local government, doing what I believe is right. I look at it as another branch on my path of public service, a step to further my activism and get involved with my community. I believe in the democratic process, and the Ward Fellowship is an incredible opportunity to take part in it. As a Fellow, I am working at the Office of the Inspector General, an office dedicated to prevent and find instances of fraud, abuse or waste of public funds. I am very excited to be working there, and I am lucky, too. This Fellowship has been and will be an important part of my life, and I am looking forward to the future that it brings.