I have been interested in public service ever since I was given the opportunity to represent Hyde Park on the Mayor’s Youth Council during my sophomore year. I was able to learn from the manager of the Youth Council how local and state governments work. During the summer of 2015, I interned at the Suffolk Superior Court in the Criminal Clerk’s office and was able to learn a lot about the judicial branch. How the courts work and how the United States criminal justice system operates interest me greatly. During my junior year, I took AP Government & Politics and realized how much federal government fascinated me and how I would love to eventually work for the United States government. I enjoy serving people and also teaching people that government can work for them, if they actually participate and not just settle. I applied to this fellowship because it encompasses everything I am interested in: government, public service and networking. I look forward to sitting in on hearings and learning about the specific policies my sponsor, Michelle Wu, is working on. In college, I would like to major in government/political science, and hopefully minor in some type of “human rights” concentration. I also plan on attending law school so I may effectively work on legislation and know the constitutional side of it. My parents have always taught me that I can make a real difference, and I believe continuing my learning and education will further help me advocate for people and make a real change. However, when I’m not doing my government stuff, I enjoy travelling, especially to Martha’s Vineyard, which is where I usually go during the summer! I’m a big fan of volunteering my time to people/places that matter to me such as the Homeless Veterans shelter, the Participatory Budgeting project, and the Home for Little Wanderers. I look forward to the work I will do this summer in the Office of City Council President Michelle Wu.