Kristiana Dycaj is a first-generation student at Boston Latin School. Although born and raised in West Roxbury, MA, she comes from a traditional Albanian household. Her parents immigrated to the United States twenty-five years ago where they soon resided in Boston. Ever since, the Dycaj family has grown with Kristiana and her older brother continuing their studies in the city. 

As a rising senior, Kristiana has explored her interests in politics with multiple extracurriculars focused on local and state government issues. As president and founder of Women in Politics and How to Succeed at BLS, she offered volunteer services, aid to newcomers, hosted events, and informative platforms on up-and-coming politicians and global news to fellow students at her school. 

An expansion of her work as an activist grew during her junior year of high school. Through A Helping Elbow Organization, Kristiana tutored low-income, first-generation elementary to middle school students on varying subjects. By voluntarily providing support for six months, she indirectly became inspired on matters regarding immigration reform. Starting in the fall, she will be actively promoting non-violence and peace at BLS and the community through the Topol Fellows. 

For Kristiana, being a part of the Ward Fellowship means receiving on hand experience about the works of the public sector. She is enthusiastic and eager to get a glimpse of the workings of the local government and how she can directly contribute to helping alongside her sponsor, Inspector General Glen Cunha.