Khue Nguyen is a member of the Boston Latin Class of 2007 and currently resides in South Boston with her parents and brother (a former Ward Fellow). She is very grateful for the opportunity to work as an intern in Governor Mitt Romney’s office in External Relations this summer. External Relations is a very important aspect of the governor’s office because it serves as the bridge between the governor and his constituents. As an intern, Khue has witnessed the hard work that so many people put in daily in order to help the Commonwealth run smoothly and has come to witness firsthand the importance of public service.
Khue feels that public service is an obligation that everyone needs to fulfill. Without public service, society will not be able to function properly and it is through public service that mankind progresses. Khue is passionate about helping the community as apparent in her numerous activities. She has been involved with Samariteens, a teen suicide hotline, for almost three years now where she serves as a crisis counselor, befriending those in need for three hours a week. She is also the executive director of Project Book Net, which is a non profit organization that sends books to needy programs around Boston and around the world including Ghana and Afghanistan in hopes of promoting literacy. Besides these two activities, Khue also dedicates her time to tutoring students at BLS and is an active member of Student Council.
With these experiences, she has come to realize how one individual can change and impact others’ lives through community service. She hears the gratitude in the voices of the Samariteen callers, the appreciation in the heart-warming letters from schools which she has given books to, and the improvement in the academic career of the students whom she has tutored. Khue believes that helping others is worth more than all the money in the world and feels that anyone and everyone can make a difference.
Khue will be a senior this coming school year and looks forward to her college career where she hopes to continue in her public service endeavors. She is planning to apply to colleges around the Northeastern area and hopes to major in non profit or international relations. Wherever her career path may lead her, Khue knows that she will always strive in her continuance of public service.