Joseph Terrey

Joseph Terrey was born on December 26, 2002, to two loving parents in Boston, Massachusetts. A younger sister would be born two years later, and Joseph’s family moved into a house in Roslindale. As he grew, Joseph became fascinated by history. This came as a result of the stories his grandmother told him about his ancestors, which led him to research the events in which they took part. By the time he was in elementary school at the Jackson School, Joseph had become obsessed with history and would often stay late at the library reading the history books they had there. Social studies became his favorite part of the day after lunch, which is really the most you can expect from a fifth grader. However, it was at this school that he picked up his second passion, politics. In his final years in elementary school, it became impossible for even sixth graders to avoid current events. He began to follow the news religiously, in particular events in foreign countries, a habit that has stayed with him over the years.

At Boston Latin School, Joseph has taken his love of history and politics to a new level. In ninth grade he joined the History Bowl team, competing against teams from different schools at tournaments. He led his team to Nationals in 2018 and 2019 where they made it to the playoffs, the first time for a team at Boston Latin School. Joining History Bowl taught Joseph the value of knowing everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as working together as a team. It also gave him valuable leadership skills that he might not otherwise have. Soon after he joined the History Bowl team, Joseph and a few of his friends created the Boston Latin School Podcast club, a club in which the members participated in creating a podcast that touches upon every aspect of his school. The goal of the podcast was to give a voice to the people most impacted by changes happening in the school, the students, who are often ignored in the decision making process. Joseph is looking forward to working at the Ward Fellowship this summer.

Joe’s sponsor is State Representative Adrian Madaro WF’06.