Jialin is a rising senior dedicated to education. He was born in Annapolis, Maryland and later moved to the Greater Boston region for elementary school. When the pandemic swept across the world during his time in middle and the beginning of high school, he took a special interest in students’ learning in such trying times. He co-founded a non-profit organization targeted at providing the classroom experience that many students lost with the onset of quarantine. Ever since these first steps he took towards education and helping students in his community gain access to the valuable experience of learning, he has spent countless hours helping hundreds of students obtain the education they deserved. He is also the driving force behind a growing effort within the school community for more effective integration and programming to incoming freshmen, leading the Bsie Committee in assisting with hundreds of Bsies. This year, he works with Mr. Rashaun Martin at Boston Public Schools with respect to Retention, Cultivation & Diversity Programs. He hopes to bring his diverse background at various school districts, volunteering, and interacting with students of all ages to this fruitful endeavor this summer.